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?Vegetable - Side Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Curry £2.95

Vegetable Bhaji £2.95
(Dry vegetables cooked to
our own recipe)

Mushroom Bhaji £2.95
(Mushrooms cooked in spices)

Cauliflower Bhaji £2.95
(Cauliflower cooked in spices)

Sag Bhaji £2.95
(Spinach cooked in spices)

Bombay Aloo £2.95
(Potatoes cooked in spices)

Sag & Mushrooms £2.95
(Spinach & mushrooms cooked in spices)

Aloo & Gobi £2.95
(potatoes & cauliflower cooked in spices)

Sag & Aloo £2.95
(Spinach & potatoes cooked in spices)

Motor Ponier £2.95
(Chick peas cooked with cheese
& spices)

Sag Ponier £2.95
(Spinach cooked with cheese & spices)

Tarka Dhal £2.95
(Garlic & lentils)

Sag Dhal £2.95